Special Message from Our Lodge Child ID Coordinator

Rt. Worshipfuls, Worshipfuls, Brethren,

As we go forward into this year with the Child Id Program, I would like to meet with your Lodge Child Id coordinators and anyone else interested in the program (many of you have been instrumental in its success), Tuesday, March 1, at 7:00 P.M, at Pleasants Lodge. My goal is to look at our successes and our shortcomings and see how we go forward from here. In the two short years that we have kicked off the VACHiP here in the 22 district, we have provided over 1200 free kits to families, no small feat for a volunteer organization. If you can not make it please email or call me with any ideas and concerns about the program that you have. I am looking forward to working with you in continuing this program and making it stronger/better.


Please contact Wor. Duffy Ferguson at duffy_ferguson AT yahoo DOT com if you have any questions about our Child ID programs. I can not begin to thank him enough for the outstanding job he has done over the years towards making Pleasants Lodge the leader in the district for the Child ID programs.

Upcoming Degree Work

Brethren, Pleasants Lodge is growing!! We need your help putting on our upcoming degrees. On Monday, Feb 28th we will be rehearsing both the EA and MM degrees in preparation for our upcoming degree work. We have three degrees total, so the first two Mondays in March will both be degree nights. While we have yet to determine exactly which degree we will be doing on which night, we are leaning towards doing the EA degree first. That would make our March schedule as follows:

Feb 28th: 6PM Dinner, 7PM ritual school to rehearse the EA and MM degrees.

Mar 7th: 6PM Dinner, 7PM EA degree

Mar 14th: 6PM Dinner, 7PM MM degree

Mar 21stStated communication: LADIES NIGHT. Please RSVP to the lodge if you and your lady plan to attend so we can have dinner prepared!

Mar 28th: 6PM Dinner, 7PM MM degree

We will only have dinners on rehearsal / ritual nights if there is enough interest, so please RSVP via email to contact@pleasants63.org or to an officer if you’ll be available to join us for dinner.

Speaking of Dinner

I would like to personally thank Bro. Mac McCombs for the outstanding dinner at our last stated communication. His enchiladas left a lot of happy faces on our brethren and guests (including R.W. Art Pendleton for his official visit as our DDGM!), and I look forward to taking him up on his offer of preparing more meals at our future events.

Feb. 2011 Bike Giveaway

One of the programs Pleasants enjoys as a way of giving back to the community is our Bike Giveaway program. Each year, Pleasants Lodge takes the time to honor deserving students at Garden City Elementary School with bikes, courtesy of Pleasants Lodge. Both of February’s recipient children were second graders. The award is based on perfect attendance and honor role status, and the winning names are picked randomly from all eligible students.

Right Worshipful Charles W. Hale, Past Master of Pleasants Lodge, attended Garden City Elementary in his younger years and is instrumental in the success of the Bike Giveaway program at Pleasants.

Night Out On the Town

One of the programs resurrected by the W.M. this year is the Night Out On the Town. Once a month, the brethren and their families meet for dinner at a restaurant in the area to have fun, socialize, and get out in the community. February’s Night Out was at the Roanoker Restaurant on Thursday the 10th, and we enjoyed a record turnout of almost 30 people!

The next Night Out is scheduled for the last Thursday in March, so please keep your calendar clear and make plans to attend.