May You Part Upon the Square

Brother Hartwick from Melrose Lodge recently sent this wonderful poem. Enjoy!

I met a dear old man today,
Who wore a Masonic pin,
It was old and faded like the man,
It’s edges were worn quite thin.

I approached the park bench where he sat,
To give the old brother his due,
I said, “I see you’ve traveled east,”
He said, “I have, have you?”

I said, “I have, and in my day
Before the all seeing sun,
I played in the rubble, with Jubala
Jubalo and Jubalum.”

He shouted, “don’t laugh at the work my son,
It’s good and sweet and true,
And if you’ve travelled as you said,
You should give these things their due.”

The word, the sign the token,
The sweet Masonic prayer,
The vow that all have taken,
Who’ve climbed the inner stair

The wages of a Mason,
are never paid in gold,
but the gain comes from contentment,
when you’re weak and growing old.

You see, I’ve carried my obligations,
For almost fifty years,
It has helped me through the hardships
and the failures full of tears.

Now I’m losing my mind and body,
Death is near but I don’t despair,
I’ve lived my life upon the level,
And I’m dying upon the square.

Sometimes the greatest lessons
Are those that are learned anew,
And the old man in the park today
has changed my point of view.

To all Masonic brothers,
The only secret is to care,
May you live your life upon the level,
May you part upon the square.

January Columns and Schedule


Happy New Year! Your January 2012 issue of The Columns is ready. Please click here to download your copy: January 2012 Columns

Please note that there will not be a meal tomorrow, 1/9/2012. We will have our first officers meeting at 6PM on 1/9/2012 and ritual school to follow shortly thereafter. We will rehearse receiving the District Deputy Grand Master. R.W. Melvin Crowder’s official visit will be at our January Stated Communication on Monday, January 16th.

There will be a meal prior to our Stated Communicaction on the 16th, and your ladies are invited and encouraged to attend. Please RSVP with the lodge if you and/or your lady intend to join us so we know how much food to prepare.