Child ID Program

The Child ID Program is an internationally recognized system that places a child’s identifiable information, digital fingerprints, pictures and 15 seconds of video on a CD for the parent/guardian of the child to keep in the event the child becomes missing or lost. In addition to the CD, we provide instructions for the collection and storage for DNA swab. This information is not kept on any database or given to the police departments, we erase the information as soon as we give the material to the parent. We offer this program at no charge to the comunity in the hopes that every parent will take a few minutes of their time to help insure their child’s safety.

While we hope that no parent ever experiences the loss or abduction of a child, we live in a less than perfect world where children are vulnerable to strangers and friends alike. This program has proven to be an asset in helping return children safely home quicker.

We try to schedule Child ID events regularly. Please watch our trestleboard and announcements for more information.