Past Masters

The Past Masters of Pleasants Lodge #63

Year: Name: Photo:
2015 Wor. David Eugene Campbell II /td>
2014 Wor. Duffy Jerome Ferguson Wor. Duffy Jerome Ferguson
2013 Fred Marion Burns Wor. Fred Marion Burns
2012 Wor. Sidney Warren Bush Wor. Sidney Warren Bush
2011 Stuart Matthew Bain Wor. Stuart Matthew Bain
2010 Archer Davenport Livengood Wor. Archer Davenport Livengood
2009 Duffy Jerome Ferguson Wor. Duffy Jerome Ferguson
2008 Shannon Lee Ricks Wor. Shannon Lee Ricks
2007 Michael Kevin Riley Wor. Michael Kevin Riley
2006 Barry Dale Light Wor. Barry Dale Light
2005 Robert Tasker Carter, II Wor. Robert Tasker Carter, II
2004 John Clifford Anderson Wor. John Clifford Anderson
2003 Haden Thurston Dudley, III  
2002 James Schoolcraft Reynolds, Jr.  
2001 R.W. Charles Wesley Hale R.W. Charles Wesley Hale
2000 Charles Henry Stowe Wor. Charles Henry Stowe